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Hollywood Film & Television Directing Masterclass

Name Product: Hollywood Film & Television Directing Masterclass

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Price: $65

What Will I Learn?
Direct a short film, feature film or any narrative content.
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A love for filmmaking and directing the camera
Understand basic filmmaking concepts
Join over 12,000 Students who are learning from our courses.

Want to learn how great directors create award-winning films? Want to learn how to become a working Hollywood director in Television or Film?

In this online course you’ll learn When to Move the Camera in your next film and video production. The key here is that camera movement must be invisible. It should serve the story without calling attention to itself. Next, learn How To Move the Camera most effectively by systematically fulfilling Five Tasks when designing each moving master shot. Finally, learn how a master of visual design like Zemeckis customizes his application of these Five Tasks to the unique demands of each scene.

Excellent content. But you’d better pay attention or you will miss something. This course is packed with loads or useful and well explained stuff. – Mr Mick Farmer

Instructor is clearly in command of craft and engages with questions, simple explanations and familiar examples. Video and audio are excellent. – Bill Halford

Veteran film and television director Gil Bettman will teach you how to enhance drama and heighten action by using different lenses. This is the key to Lensmanship – the technique which Spielberg borrowed from Wells, Kubrick and others to transform the look of today’s films.

Once you have grasped Lensmanship you are ready for the final lesson — How to Shoot Action Sequences. Gil will show you how Kathryn Bigelow, John Woo and others ignite the screen by putting the camera in the right place and using the right lenses. Here’s what will be covered in the course.

Why you must shoot with a moving camera
When to move the camera
Why all camera movement should be invisible
The three kinds of camera movement that are always invisible
How to move the camera – shoot the best moving master shot
The five tasks of a moving master:
Establishes geography and believability
Eliminates edits
Generates eye candy
Focuses the audience on the center of the drama
Picks up coverage
How to customize the five tasks to each scene
Examples: dailies from:
Movies for TV
Low budget features
Big budget features directed by Bob Zemeckis
How the look of 3 different lenses is the key to understanding all lenses
The three ways that lenses change the look of a shot
Field of Vision
Depth of Field
Shooting Action
The 3 key components to shooting action
Put the camera in the right place
Breaking down your shots
Put the right lens on the camera
How lenses affect motion in the frame
Get the right number of pieces
How coverage heightens energy
How to shoot a chase
How to shoot a fight
So what are you waiting for. Jump start your filmmaking career as a film director.

Who is the target audience?
Independent Filmmakers
Webseries Directors
Television Directors
Film Students
Anyone who wants to learn how to move the camera to better tell the story
Film Producers


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Coach (or Hack!) Your Own Career: Career Change, Development

Name Product: Coach (or Hack!) Your Own Career: Career Change, Development

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Price: $40

What Will I Learn?
make smart decisions about your career for immediate and future results.
get hired faster to the job you desire (if you do the work!).
earn more, get promoted faster, have a better status.
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Students need to know the importance and huge potential impact of career choices they have ahead of them.
This course is about 10 Years Worth of Career Advice in under 1.5 Hours!

If you are searching for quality guidance on Career Change or Career Development, you’ve come to the right place. Now, you have to Coach Your Own Career.

This is going to be a dense, beneficial, fast-paced 90 minutes of learning experience for you. Get ready.

From CV and resume drafting to writing a cover letter, from preparing for an interview to creating the best impression when face to face; from uncovering your strongest story to following up after an interview, all you need is here.

Understand the business world, set the right goals, build the right skills, show yourself in the best possible light and get hired!

Remember, an average employee today changes 14 to 15 jobs during his/her career. So any investment you make in getting better at career decisions, is a smart investment. In fact, it is the best investment and professional improvement decision you will ever make in your life.

The Course consists of 5 main lectures, each one more valuable than the other.

“The Broader Perspective”
“Making Hard Choices”
“Picking Your Path”
“The Fundamentals”
“Getting Results”
The central aim of this course is to shrink down 10 years of experience and hundred-thousand dollars worth of advice in just under 1,5 hours.

You’ll also get tailored links, sources and documents I have created just for you and this course. They will reshape how you look at your own career decision-making process.

I worked hard to make this course, hope you reap the benefits and see direct positive results in your immediate and coming career decisions.

Cheers. See you inside.


Who is the target audience?
All levels of professional with a special focus on those with 1 – 8 years of work experience
People who are in search for a career change or a new job that is a better match with their skills
Fresh Graduates & More Senior Business People
In short, those who want to invest in their careers for better earnings, promotions, and making smarter decisions.


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Develop Amazing Confidence & Self Esteem – Certified Course

Name Product: Develop Amazing Confidence & Self Esteem – Certified Course

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Price: $200

What Will I Learn?
Become 100% Confident
Become Confident In Public Speaking
Become Confident In the Workplace
Become Confident in Social Situations
Be Perceived As Confident
Become Confident Instantly
Radiate 100% Confidence
Confidence At Goal Setting
Boost Your Self Esteem
View Curriculum
No prior requirements to this course!
Become 100% Confident, Boost Your Self Esteem & Become Unstoppable

Have you ever been in a situation where you felt stressed or anxious? Have you ever second guessed yourself and you didn’t take action? Have you ever felt an uncomfortable feeling in your body that prevented you from taking important actions?

Most people lack self confidence and they are not even aware! With a simple course like this one, people could finally dare to act for what they truly want, feel comfortable in their own skin, have the courage to be themselves, feel confident at work, in giving presentations, in interacting with people or even in goal setting.

How would your life improve if you could become confident at what you really want? Would you feel good? Would you feel amazing?

In this course, you will learn how to become confident at anything. How to be confident in your day to day life, at work, in giving presentations, in interacting with people, in goal setting and in any other situations. You will also learn how to boost your self esteem so you feel really great and ready to take action in life.

Enroll in this course right now to take your life to the next level. There is a 30-day money back guarantee so you can see what this course is about. Go ahead and enroll in the course now.

I am waiting for you on the other side.


Who is the target audience?
People who would like to become more confident in life in general or in specific situations such as work, social situations, giving presentations, goal setting or any other situations
People who would like to boost their self esteem
People who would like to dare to act in life for what they really want
People who would like to have less stress and become decisive



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Capital Structuring Techiques for CA / CFA / CPA Exams

Name Product: Capital Structuring Techiques for CA / CFA / CPA Exams

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Price: $125

50 lectures & case studies for CA IPCC / CFA / CS Final / CMA Inter / MBA Finance / B Com Final Exams & Professionals

This course is about Capital Structuring of Businesses.

All the Business entities in this world, will work on this topic.

Because, Capital Structuring Decisions, would decide the long term stability of any business.

Business entities can have mix of their own funds and debt funds for running their business. But the mix should be an optimum one.

Wrong decisions in Capital Structuring would spoil the business which otherwise would have plenty scope for growth.

The capital structuring of the business also decides the leverage and returns for the owners.

So, in this course we will be learning

a) Introduction to Capital Structure Decisions

b) What is Optimal Capital Structure

c) Leverage Analysis

d) Case Studies on Capital Structure

e) Effect of Capital Structure on Earning of the Promoters.

f) Indifference Point in Capital Structure.

g) Capital Structure Theories.

h) Arbitrage Process.

The terminologies used in the course will be of basic finance.

This course has video lectures covering all the above topics.

This course is structured in self learning pace.

Take this course to understand the importance of Capital Structure Decisions.
Mandatory Disclosure regarding course contents:

The contents of this course will also be available in

a) Financial Management – A Complete Study

b) Accounting, Finance and Banking – A Comprehensive Study

courses, which are comprehensive in nature. If you have already purchased any of the above two courses, then you need purchase this course.


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Promote & Sell Your Apps: From Beginner To Expert

Name Product: Promote & Sell Your Apps: From Beginner To Expert

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Price: $40

What Will I Learn?
Earn more
Attract raging fans
Get more exposure
Design better software
Stand out
Make a dent in the universe
View Curriculum
An VERY basic understanding of coding concepts – nothing major, just the very basics
A desire to turn your genius into something amazing!
Over 5700 happy students enrolled in my courses
Currently 86% of reviews are 4- and 5-star
No risk involved. Watch the PREVIEW VIDEOS!

Discover Boom – Make Your Apps And Software A Success!

Boom is the simple ‘programming language’ for getting people to buy and use your awesome apps and software today!

Do you say these things to yourself:

I’m an awesome developer, so why isn’t anyone downloading and buying my app?
What in the world are successful developers doing that I’m not? I REALLY want to figure this out!
Is it really possible that even I (the world’s biggest geek) could learn to be a successful at marketing and selling my app or software?
Why does learning marketing have to be so boring and hard?!?
If these are the kinds of conversations you have in your head, you’re going to love this course!

Not only does it provide practical solutions to all these challenges (and many others), but the course is delivered to you in a energetic, simple, and fun way (check out the preview videos).


So…what makes this course so unique?

My relentless focus on delivering high-quality content within the course
The high value of the ideas
The unique and engaging way lessons are presented
How practical and usable the ideas are that I teach you
I’m teaching you marketing in the form of a programming language!

This course is for you if you:

Want to quickly learn the fundementals of successfully marketing your apps and software
Have very little time to watch boring, complicated lessons
Enjoy video training over book-learnin’
Want actionable, practical strategies and tools that you can use right now – today
Love seeing ideas and concepts explained with a lot of visuals and examples
Like having some fun while you learn
Scan the lessons below, and be sure to watch some of the FREE preview videos to see for yourself that what I just said is true!


After you’re done watching the free preview videos, then follow these steps:

Join the course
Watch all the videos
Put what you learn into action
Come back and let me know what you think – if you like what you’ve learned, leave a lovely (that means nice) review, if not, get a lovely refund (you have a full 30 days to do this)
If you’re ready to make your apps and software a ‘booming’ success, then join us today!


Who is the target audience?
App developers/creators
IOS developers
OSX developers
Android developers
Windows developers
Web developers
Software engineers
Computer science students
Information Technology Specialists
Growth hackers



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Sales Stack 2015 Conference

Name Product: Sales Stack 2015 Conference

Sale Page:

Price: $99

What Will I Learn?
Better position themselves for the new era of sales
Have a wealth of sales knowledge from the leading minds in tech sales
Generate more leads, close more sales, and further their sales career
View Curriculum
Basic understanding of the sales process and the sales profession
Passion for sales, sales hacking, and sales technology
Desire to learn and drive results for yourself and your organization
Sales Stack 2015, presented by Sales Hacker is an event that brings technology vendors, how-to thought leaders, and sales teams together to connect and learn about the power of Data & Automation in the Sales Process. We are in an era where everything is being unlocked. Data about your buyer is cheaper and more accessible than ever before. Data and transparency in your sales process allows you to create the most efficient and replicable sales process possible. Not taking advantage of these new technologies would be like if you decided never to take advantage of selling via phone or email.

Don’t be stuck in the dark ages. Our rockstar lineup will include actionable “how and why” sessions from some of the industry’s best practitioners currently crushing it at rapid growth, non-vendor companies. Sales Stack 2015 aims to enable sales people with the understanding of “how and why” these efficient processes are being built, then providing B2B and Enterprise companies with the technology at their fingertips, allowing them to build their Sales Stack on the spot.

Who is the target audience?
Account Executives
Sales Development Reps
Sales Reps
Demand Generation Reps
VP’s of Sales



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The ultimate sexual addiction and porn addiction treatment

Name Product: The ultimate sexual addiction and porn addiction treatment

Sale Page:

Price: $95
What Will I Learn?
Use mindfulness and other tools from Acceptance and Commitment Therapy to control your addictive urges
Learn how to use acupressure desensitization to decrease your addictive urges
Learn how to use cognitive defusion to take away the power from your addictive thoughts
Learn how to heal unproductive thought patterns that lead you back to your addiction
Learn how to block mature images on your computer
Learn how to recover your sexuality
Learn how to recover from porn-induced impotence
Learn how to manage compulsive sexual behaviours through mindfulness
View Curriculum
You’ll have to have the wilingness to recover
There is a light at the end of tunnel. We’ll provide you a step by step supportive pathway that will make you free from sexual addiction without destroying your self esteem or negatively impacting your relationships.

The Practical Exercises In This Course Coupled With Solidly Researched Advice Will Help You Overcome Sexual and Pornography Addiction.

Here’s what you’ll learn from this course:

You’ll get worksheets with every section that will help you implement recovery techniques and skills into your life.
You’ll learn the ‘why’ behind your addiction and easy-to-use relapse prevention techniques like The NoPorn Phrase, Urge Surfing, Acupressure desensitization, the Noporn TAP, and more.
You’ll learn the neuroscience behind porn and sexual addiction, how you got addicted, and what you need to do to get past the fastest growing addiction in the world.
You’ll learn how to make the most out of porn blockers.
You’ll learn how to take power away from your thoughts and urges, and how to make life about what you want, not what your urges want.
You’ll learn mindfulness skills that will improve all other areas of your life, allowing you to reach full mastery of your emotions and thoughts.
You’ll get over 6 hours of audio exercises designed to train mindfulness and other skills you need to move from porn and sex addiction to life mastery.
You’ll learn how to effectively deal your negative beliefs and time managment.
You’ll learn how to move towards an authentic intimacy and healthy sexuality.
You’ll learn how to recover from porn-induced impotence with sexual mindfulness techniques, and how you can use the same techniques to get in touch with your authentic healthy sexuality.
You’ll master self-compassion and self-forgiveness, allowing you to let go of guilt associated with sexual addiction. .
You’ll form healthier relationships with not only yourself but with others that you care about.
This program is your first step towards a recovery that will last.

Using non-shaming advice, we offer a step-by-step approach to limit or stop the use of pornography when it has become a problem, but more importantly, we’ve provided a path for you to re-establish a positive sense of self.

This program has no religious affiliation. We might use some tools that are typically used in religious tradition, but we only use them in a way that’s supported by the latest research.

Who is the target audience?
Everyone who’s strugling with sexual addiction or addiction to mature internet content.



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Working for yourself: 20 essentials for success

Name Product: Working for yourself: 20 essentials for success

Sale Page:

Price: $90

The essential things you need to know to help you make a success of becoming self-employed, setting up your own business and/or going freelance. This course gives you Insights and strategies draw from over 25 years experience running my own marketing and consultancy business and working with successful entrepreneurs and business owners in many industry sectors.

This is not stuff you will find in a business text book. The “20 Essentials for Success” are distilled from years of practical business experience. I also provide tips from 12 other successful business owners: I asked each of them to give three pieces of advice they would pass on to someone wanting to start their own business.

Starting your own business or going freelance is a big decision, hopefully one that will change your life forever in a very positive way. But that journey can be difficult and challenging, and taking this course is one of the steps you can take to help you maximise your chances of success.

The four hours of video content is supported by a written transcripts of the audio lectures, quizzes and some option a short assignments to help you start applying the ideas on the course to your own business.

At the end of the course you should have a more clearly focussed business idea, a better appreciation of what running your own business is really like and a understanding of the personal qualities you need to develop to maximise your chances of success.

The course is aimed at anyone who are considering going freelance or working for themselves for the first time – either full or part-time.

Who is the target audience?
People who are considering becoming self employed
People who have recently become self-employed looking for additional guidance



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Amazon FBA How to Build your Own Brand Become a Top Seller

Name Product: Amazon FBA How to Build your Own Brand Become a Top Seller

Sale Page:

Price: $185

How to Build Your Own Brand on Amazon” is an online course that shows you the right steps to build a brand and grow that brand not only on Amazon.

This course is a guide to start your own private label product, you will learn techniques to find the best products and suppliers to negotiate like a professional, also I will show you real negotiations and how to avoid common mistakes.

One of the difficulties I had in the beginning was the part of managing the product in the Seller Central. Replenish Inventory, Listing the product on Amazon, creating discount coupons or creating ads on Amazon, this is something that at the beginning when you start in this business, maybe you will feel some insecurity, because you are afraid of making mistakes. I’ll breakdown every step-by-step to ensure that it will not be a struggle for you.

You will not only acquire information and techniques throughout the lessons, my goal is to offer you the right mindset behind this business. For example choosing your product, why choose a particular product to start your business? What should you keep in mind when choosing your products? Or how to approach suppliers so that you get what you want and not just what you see in your supplier’s images?

You will have the real report of my first product and the difficulties I had, especially in transportation.

The Module dedicated to transportation is very valuable and will help you a lot. I speak about the laws, necessary documents and which transport companies are recommended by Amazon and why. You will also learn from my transportation experience and you will avoid the common mistakes of the beginning of this business.

I want you to create a complete brand with excellent images, videos, website, marketing.

All of this you will learn here, but mainly I will teach you what you have to think when you create the images of your product and what feeling will awaken in the customer and how it will affect the decision of the customer to buy one, two or more products.

The name of your brand can not be any name, I’ll teach you to create a name that connects to your product and that the customer does not forget.

With the Website you can create a business parallel to Amazon and you will realize how.

Where to find professionals who deal in your logo, images and videos.

How to find the best suppliers?

You will learn to negotiate with your supplier and the right techniques to create a good relationship. How should you approach your supplier so he can take you seriously? What should you ask your supplier first? The quantities or the prices and why?

You will know the tool to calculate your profit margins before you make a decision to move forward with a particular product.

We will talk about payments and how you receive your earnings, let’s see which countries Amazon can send your money directly to your bank account and if you do not belong to any of these countries, how can you get your money anywhere in the World.

In this course I show that keywords are a very important part of this business, teach you to find the best ones for creating your product title and with this, your product can be found more easily by the customers.

Teaching to find the most searched keywords by customers related to your product.

The title, descriptions and bullets are also very important and we teach the structure for each category always using the keywords most used by customers to find your product.

This course aims to teach you how to develop a brand using the Amazon FBA system. A system that allows you to do this business anywhere with the potential to be very lucrative.

You will realize that you can also create a business outside of Amazon. With this knowledge, the sky is the limit.

You will have support for any questions you may have and also learn from the questions of other students.


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Will Haimerl! Print On Demand Blueprint

Name Product: Will Haimerl! Print On Demand Blueprint

Sale Page:

Price: $436

Want To Learn How To Use Teespring & Facebook Ads Successfully?
Then You Are In The Right Place.
Proven Blueprint This is not theory, it’s real tried and true techniques.

60 Training Videos Nothing is left to chance, complete over the shoulder training

Dedicated Facebook Group Support to answer any questions you have.

Trusted by industry leaders

Will Haimerl has been working with Teespring for years, and we’ve seen witnessed his constant success. He has demonstrated his ability as both a leading print on demand marketer and a world class coach. POD Blueprint is a reflection of his expertise and experience in the space. His presentation style is easy to view and simple to follow. We are excited to have people use his training to learn how to become successful Teespring sellers.

Increase your sales It’s not that easy to make sales online, but we show you how.

61 Step By Step Videos Over the shoulder video training walk throughs are the way to go and that’s what we did.

Facebook Group Support Included With Purchase Is Access To A Dedicated Facebook Group For Support Questions

What Exactly Do I Get With POD Blueprint?
Simply put you get 60 training videos inside a members area waiting for you upon purchase. Also you access to a dedicated Facebook group for support. It’s training & support all tied together into one awesome blueprint you can follow to make sure you succeed using Teespring & Facebook Ads.


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