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Adwords Direct Response v3

Name Product: Adwords Direct Response v3

Sale Page:

Price: $20

Phase 1 Highlights:

Phase 1 is all about the the initial set-up of a profitable Adwords campaign. It covers proper keyword research, negative keywords, effective ad copy and the most profitable option & settings inside Adwords. The main goal is to give you the best chance to generate Sales from your first try.

Part 1: “Buyer Keyword” Research

This is the foundation of a Profitable Campaign, it all starts with the keywords you choose to bid on and how they relate to what you’re selling. In this part of the course you will learn.

How to choose Base Keywords that are likely to generate Sales and avoid the ones that will only waste money
Organizing your Keyword List into targeted Groups to insure high Click Through Rates and low Cost Per Click (proper organization can drastically increase CTR and lower CPC).
Proper Negative Keyword research that will exclude unwanted traffic from the very start of your campaigns (excluding junk traffic one of the most important factors in running a Profitable campaign).
NEW: Effective keyword research without google keywords tool (which is no longer available). I give you the best FREE alternatives and explain how to use them.
NEW: Using the new “Keyword Planner” inside your Adwords account.

Part 2: Campaign Settings / Setup

Choosing the right settings for your campaign can mean the difference between a campaign that generates sales and one that just wastes your money. In fact, many campaigns are DOOMED from the very start just because of 1 setting being chosen incorrectly. Part 2 will teach you.

Walk you through the Campaign Setup step-by-step, and insure you choose the settings that are ideal for converting Sales Pages and generating Sales.
Break down the importance of choosing an appropriate daily budget, and starting with the right maximum click bid.
Tell you the countries you should start your campaigns in, and explain how to use Adwords geographical features to your advantage.
NEW: Using the new options and user panel to your advantage (theres been a few changes, and new features that you’ll need to know about!)

Part 3: Writing Ad Copy

There is a very specific formula for writing Ads that will drive traffic to a Sales Page, because the type of person you want to attract with your Ad is the type of person who is likely to buy your product. Most people believe traffic quantity is the way to go, with Sales Pages QUALITY is priority number 1. In Part 3 you will learn.

The Basic Fundamentals behind writing Ad Copy designed to drive traffic to Sales Pages, and attract the kind of traffic that generates Sales.
The type of information your Ad Copy should always include in order to put your visitor in a reading and buying mood once they get to your Sales Page.
Insuring your Ad Copy gets the highest possible Click Through Rates for the
keywords it’s assigned to.
Step-By-Step instructions on setting up your Ad Groups inside Adwords and
organizing them in a way that increases CTR and lowers CPC.

“Phase 1” covers everything you need to know to actually set-up a Profitable Adwords Campaign. Everything from choosing the right Keywords, to choosing the most profitable Settings and Options, to writing effective Ad Copy for the Keywords inside your campaign. Once your campaign is set up and the Traffic starts flowing, you’ll be ready to start improving it and making it more profitable – Thats what “Phase 2” is about…

Phase 2
“Learn the Simple Tweaks that MUST Be Applied to EVERY Campaign in Order to Maximize Performance, Lower Costs & Generate More Sales.”

After your Campaign reaches 1,000 + Clicks you will heave a wealth of Traffic Data at your disposal. This Data will allow you to make Simple, Systematic changes to your Keywords and Ads – that WILL improve your Click Through Rates, lower your Cost Per Click and increase your Conversion Rate.
Phase 2 Highlights:

Part 1: Eliminating low performance, Adding targeted Negative Keywords

The first thing we do is improve the very foundation of our campaign: the Keywords. We use the data we have to eliminate the keywords that drag our campaign down (in terms of cost and low performance) as well as gain a better understanding of the type of visitors our traffic consists of, which allows us to eliminate unwanted clicks. In this part of the course you will learn.

The specific criteria for identifying and eliminating low performing keywords that are hurting your overall campaign performance and increasing your costs.
How to closely analyze the type of visitors your traffic consists of, and eliminating the people you DON’T want clicking on your ads again.

NEW: My personal “Priorities List” for systematically improving a campaigns performance. Just go down the list and apply these 3 simple step to trim the fat off your Adwords campaign and watch your CTR, Clicks and Conversions go up over night.
A simple way of Identifying Negative Keywords that triggered your Ads and generated low quality / unwanted clicks to your Sales Page.

Part 2: Increasing Ad Performance

Next, we focus on giving our keywords better performing Ads. By analyzing our keyword data, we’ll be able to improve the click through rates of our Ads in an easy and predictable way. In this part of the course you will learn.

Rewriting your Ad Copy and improving CTR according to accurate Keywords Data, rather than hunches and what you think may work.
The easiest way to determine the keywords and phrases you should be using in your Ad Copy.
Rewriting your Ad Copy to improve conversion rates, as well as click through rates (high CTR is important, but the ultimate aim of an Ad is to generate Sales)
NEW: Using the Ad Rotation feature. You can Optimize for Clicks, Optimize for Conversions or Rotate Evenly depending on your campaign / ad performance.

Part 3: Extra Features (All New!)

Adwords has a TON of features, and quite a few new ones since the last version of this guide was released 2 years ago. In this new section I go over all the new (and old) features that can be used to improve your campaigns. Again, I ONLY cover the things you need to know – so don’t be intimidated, I keep it simple 🙂

NEW: Using the most important tools inside the “tools tab” to access uniques stats and data on Ad and Keyword performance.
NEW: Adding proper Site Links to your Ads. Its very important that you use the proper Wording and Keywords with your site links to complement your Ads and better communicate with your audience.
NEW: Using Ad Extensions to increase the visibility of your Ads and improve your CTR and Clicks. I go over all the different types of Ad Extensions, and expand on the most useful and effective ones.
NEW: How to use Auction Insights to spy and learn from your competition.

Part 4: Going International / Geographical Targeting

After your campaign is “fit” and efficient, its time to maximize its exposure by going into foreign markets. Speaking from experience, the possibility of finding a country where your product converts higher than the US are quite high (I had a product that converted roughly 4 times higher in Australia than it did in the US). In this part of the course you will learn.

Ways to ease into international markets without overwhelming yourself (there are roughly 195 countries on this planet, there are simple ways to find out where your product will and will-not sell without manually setting up campaigns for all of them)
Proper Campaign Organization and settings – there are key settings and ways to organize your campaigns to give them a better chance of success.
NEW: Targeting Geographically specific product and physical Store-Fronts.
Advice on duplicating the success of your Campaigns in new markets.
NEW: Advice on profiting from Non-English countries. Using English Ads in non-English markets, safely Testing / exploring new international markets and more.



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How You Can Identify Turning Points Using Fibonacci

Name Product: How You Can Identify Turning Points Using Fibonacci

Sale Page:

Price: $129

Add confidence to your trading plan with Fibonacci relationships and ratios

In this intensive course, Senior Tutorial Instructor Wayne Gorman teaches you how to apply Fibonacci relationships to your own trading. Wayne walks you through a host of charts and real-world exercises to show you exactly how to apply Fibonacci relationships alongside the Wave Principle and as a stand-alone technical tool.
Here’s what you’ll learn:

How the Golden Ratio can help you see trading opportunities
What the most important Fibonacci relationships are
How Fibonacci ratios and numbers relate to the overall wave structure
How Fibonacci relationships can help add confidence to your wave count
How to project valuable time and price targets using Fibonacci dividers
How to use Fibonacci time periods to anticipate trend reversals
Which Fibonacci price retracements to expect in corrective waves
How to establish Fibonacci clusters and leverage them in your trading decisions
How to formulate your own low-risk entry strategy
How to project moves so you can evaluate risk-reward and exit strategies
Techniques to help you set and properly manage risk-limiting stops
How to put it all together and generate your own high-confidence trading strategy


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Dr. Lloyd Glauberman HPP Series Superpack

Name Product: Dr. Lloyd Glauberman HPP Series Superpack

Sale Page:

Price: $690

Quest for Excellence
Changing Emotions
Money, Wealth and Prosperity
Sales Mastery
Creating A Presence
Personal Ecology
Feeling Better
Inside / Outside
Meditative Relaxation
Peak Experience
Personal Power
Hidden Wisdom
Rekindling the Flame
Soul Mates

Dr. Glauberman utilizes Hypno-Peripheral Processing, or HPP, a dynamic technology that puts the tremendous and largely untapped power of your subconscious mind into your hands.



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Viral Site System

Name Product: Viral Site System

Sale Page: _

Price: $1,497

Build A “Click-Money” Empire

Membership is by invitation only and there is currently a waiting list.

If you would like to be notified when we have openings you are welcome to join our waiting list.


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Course Creation and Marketing Masterclass

Name Product: Course Creation and Marketing Masterclass

Sale Page: _

Price: $200

Course Description
This course is not sponsored by or affiliated with Udemy, Inc.

Join more than one thousand eight hundred students and discover what REALLY WORKS on Udemy.

Hi, my name is Ian Stables, best-selling Amazon author. I am going to show you how I make more money on Udemy than I did on Amazon.

I share how you can teach any subject, my special course creation methods, and what I’ve discovered makes the most money on Udemy.

Student Review:

“Truthfully I have taken two other Udemy classes in course creation and each has taken me to new levels of understanding for the many parts of the process. But I was still ‘stuck’.

Ian’s class is a great step by step overview for choosing a topic, creating and building a course, submitting to Udemy, pricing and coupons. He is able to lay out the steps in each section simply but with enough detail to tackle each topic. (It is also obvious he followed what he teaches to create his own course.)

Even better, the final piece that I needed for my own class fell into place while watching Ian’s presentation.” – Carole Conlon

After a lot of searching and testing…

After a lot of searching and testing, I eventually discovered what works. Using this knowledge, I built a complete system that’s efficient, simple to follow, and effective at producing results on Udemy.

I wasn’t satisfied with…

I wasn’t satisfied with the money I was earning from Amazon. Since KDP free promotions stopped giving results they used to, my royalties were not the amount I wanted to earn.

I started…

I started reading all the books I could to see what else I could do to improve my results. I did make improvements but my income was not as high as I wanted.

Quite by accident,

Quite by accident, I discovered Udemy. I saw that another self-published author had a course available. I also noticed that a lot of students had enrolled.

I quickly discovered that there was a high earning potential on Udemy and set about learning how to make Udemy work for me.

After a lot of…

After a lot of learning, experimentation, and innovation, I eventually developed a complete step-by-step system that works.

In this course, you will learn my entire process. I teach you everything. I’ve held nothing back.

You’re going to discover…

– All my step-by-step methods, special techniques, and secrets
– What the best course type is

– The best course subject to teach… even if you don’t know anything about it

– How to easily tell if it will sell

– The best equipment for the lowest cost

– The easiest and fastest course planning method

– How to prepare perfect lectures

– Three amazing tips for easy lecture recording

– The introduction and conclusion that sells

– Three things that make course titles sell

– Descriptions – The four step method that works

– The promotional video formula that really works

– The top three instructor secrets

– What stops most being successful

You have lifetime access to this course.

The methods you are about to learn are what I have discovered to work. They are the result of a lot of investigating and innovation.

I’m always learning new things. As soon as I add new discoveries to this course, I will let you know.

Join more than one thousand eight hundred students and let me show you how I make more money on Udemy

What are the requirements?
No prior specialist knowledge or technical skills needed.
What am I going to get from this course?
Get course ideas that will be very successful
Create a quality course from start to finish
Make their course sell itself using methods proven to work best
Market and promote your course for continued sales
What is the target audience?
Anyone who has a desire to help others
Anyone who wants to make money from their home computer
This is not for anyone who wants to cheat people out of their money


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ABS – Reese Shapiro – BinaryOption Money Making Private Method

Name Product: ABS – Reese Shapiro – BinaryOption Money Making Private Method

Sale Page: _

Price: $347

Here is ABS – Reese Shapiro – BinaryOption Money Making Private Method worth of $347 USD.

This is your chance to finally become…
One of the lucky 3% of Binary Traders With the unique ability to withdraw real-money Profits month-after-month…

Hello again.

Congratulations for taking the first steps towards your financial freedom,

My ABS & Quad-Core PRO Edition will give you the power to reach destinations never imagined before!

AutoBinarySignals can be relied upon to offer you accurate and profitable trades day in, day out!

Before you go to the members area and get started with your ABS software.

AutoBinarySignals helped me get there but it wasn’t that ALONE that made me generate so much money in so little time.

My trading decisions were so accurate that month because I used this special talent I like to call wealth of trading experience.

If you don’t understand Binary Options fully…

You will struggle to make profits FAST and you will be using just 1/10th of the true-power my ABS Trading Signals provides.

You see, ever since binary options became a viable investment opportunity.

. I’ve been paying closer and closer attention to the principles behind the hidden mechanics of what makes the binary market “tick”

Now remember…

What I set out to do with ABS is to provide you with software and programs that have no other option but to MAKE you succeed at binarys.

The Recent Explosion In Popularity has made it even easier for a well-equipped trader to make a profit whilst the newbies get wiped out within an instant.

This is why you are in the perfect position to become one of the 3% of binary traders who takes 95% of the profits.


You MUST understand Binary Options, how it works and what the key-factors are that separate an amateur from a successful trader.

Don’t worry – I’m not trying to put you in the shoes of a boring analyist watching numbers all day long.

What I want you to do is dominate the principles and theory behind the binary market which will give you the WINNERS MINDSET so you can seize opportunities that others in the market don’t recognise.

Don’t take this lightly it’s a MUST you pay attention.

To make it possible for you to have a WINNING binary mindset I have convinced a super successful well-reknown trader amongst some of the leading companies on Wall Street.

Allow me to introduce… Reese Shapiro

She made a successful career trading options managing millions of dollars for her clients and delivering extraordinary results, has over 10 years of experience working for some of the TOP companies on Wall Street.

On top of that, Mrs. Shapiro is also an experienced finance Coach and has a wealth of experience giving training to professional traders and also does one-on-one consultation to private traders who can afford the pricey fees.

Reese agreed to create a Binary education program exclusively tailored for ABS traders to give you the solid foundation you need in order to be successful…



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Million Dollar Sales Videos

Name Product: Million Dollar Sales Videos

Sale Page:

Price: $399



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Social Ads Domination

Name Product: Social Ads Domination

Sale Page:

Price: $197

How I Went From Struggling To Dominating Online With Facebook Ads

IMG_5554 about pageA few years ago, I was studying in a doctoral program to become a psychologist. I wanted to make my parents proud and become Dr. Ilean but I quickly found out that I was meant for something else. Unfortunately, I had no idea what to do about it. So I did what any scared person does when they are stuck-I kept doing the same thing over and over hoping for a different result.

I wondered, “Who am I to want more or to be more?”

As the daughter of immigrant parents, I was raised on the notion of living the “American Dream” and having a better life than those who came before me. I worked very hard and not only did I get fantastic grades but I even shared my research at professional conferences.

Despite doing everything in my power to live the “American Dream”, I was faced with a nightmare that I did not know how to wake up from.

I’ll never forget the day when I had finally suffered enough. I refused to come home another day in tears because I was so miserable in my current situation. Despite being afraid of letting down my parents and no idea how I was going to re-create myself, I took a chance on myself.

I decided to help people via my business while building the lifestyle of my dreams.

Needless to say, I had big dreams and a small budget. The only thing that wasn’t small after making the decision to take my business and life to new heights was my mindset. I was ready to win!

My struggles in the beginning.

When I started developing my business full-time I was scared, exhausted, and on a tight budget. I wondered how all of the gurus seemed to have so much time to dedicate to the beach and travel while I barely had time to send out an email!

Thankfully, I invested in my training and learned all about Facebook ads.

When I started my business, I just wanted to keep a roof over my head and be happy.

Today, thanks to the leverage I have with Facebook, I’m doing better than I could have imagined as you can see with these results:
-Spending the summer in the Dominican Republic with my husband
-Road trip all over the US
-Award-winning coach for Digital Products Leader
-Over 20,000 followers online
-Sales in my sleep in 20+ countries
-Almost 30,000 subscribers from 40+ countries
-Coaching at international retreats, cruises, and various exotic locations
-International mission work

How I went from a hot mess to a success:

By developing specific strategies and connecting with my ideal client on social media, I began a marketing campaign.

Soon after, I knew I had done something right when I was making dinner for my husband and received a notice that I had made a sale to a customer in Peru.

Peru?! I have been there, climbed Machu Picchu but definitely did not know anyone there who knew about my product.

My very specific & strategic marketing strategies to find my ideal customer allowed me to sift through the millions of people on the internet to find exactly who I could serve with my product.

The customer was delighted because he finally found exactly what he was looking for and I was thrilled because I knew my systems were working.

Imagine making sales in another country to people you have never personally spoken to. Yes its possible & that’s the power of online marketing.

I am a passionate lady boss that can teach you proven online strategies without that feeling of overwhelm. I know that you are busy (and wear many hats as it is in your business) but I can help you create a strategy that works for your schedule, your budget, and your strengths. I can show you what to do, how to do it, and why it will work.
Are you tired of creating Facebook ads that do not get approved?
Are you worried that you will break the bank by advertising without seeing a return?
Are you frustrated because you don’t know how much to spend or how often to advertise?

Learn how to promote your business on social media with as little as $5 a day. Sound too good to be true? If you’ve been creating ads that don’t work, I can see why. Advertising is all about quality not quantity.



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The Viral Secret Traffic Videos

Name Product: The Viral Secret Traffic Videos

Sale Page:

Price: $17

This is a traffic video series from Self Improvement Millionaires. I don’t have sales page for it so you will just have to check it out. Seems to be pretty good info.

Here is what is included:

Thank you again for investing in The Viral Secret Traffic Videos. There are over 50 videos here to help you get TONS of targeted traffic to your “Viral Secret” website and any other website that you’d like to send it to!

Do This Get Traffic Video Training Series

* Introduction
* Content Creation
* Web 2.0 Hubs
* Powerpoint and PDF Marketing
* Online Video
* Podcasting
* Article Marketing
* Blogging
* Social Networking Sites
* Social Bookmarking Sites

Traffic Generation And SEO Training Program

* 24 Hour Traffic Plan
* Extreme SEO Training
* Ultimate Article Marketing and Keyword Research Training
* Press Release Marketing and WordPress SEO
* Social Bookmarketing
* Video Marketing Methods
* Online Software Marketing
* Web 2.0 Properties
* Fortune 500 Link Building Strategies

Web Traffic Video Series

* Series Introduction
* The Money Is In The List
* Instant Sales Force
* Time To Socialize
* Video Marketing
* Article Marketing
* Exchange Links
* Blogs, Forums and Google Groups
* Press Releases
* E-zine advertising
* PPC Advertising
* Offline Advertising

Video Traffic Video Series

* Series Introduction
* Free Video Software
* Editing Your Videos
* Branding Your Videos
* Publishing Your Videos
* Adding Links P1
* Adding Links P2
* Free FLV Players
* Analytics
* Watch Videos For Traffic
* You Tube
* embedding Your Videos
* Earn Extra Money
* Tube Mogle
* Traffic Geyser

Article Marketing Traffic Videos

* Series Introduction
* Article Marketing Defined
* Anatomy Of An Article
* Article Example 1
* Article Example 2
* Subject Of An Article
* Title Of An Article
* Body Of An Article
* Bio Box Of An Article
* Articles From PLR Products
* Paying A Ghost Writer
* Using scriptlance
* Submit Articles
* Article Directories

Social Media And PPC Traffic Videos

* Hub Pages
o Series Introduction
o What is hub pages?
o Hubpages terminology
o Setup your account
o Make money from your hubs
o Make a hub
o Create Internal Traffic
o Create External Traffic
o Outside The Box
o Your Hubs And SEO
o Track Your Hub Stats

* Other Social Videos
o Blinklist
o Bravisa
o Broadcaster
o Delicious
o Kaboodle
o Linkedin
o Meetup
o Ning
o Reddit
o Ryze
o Simpy
o Squidoo
o Stumbleupon
o Technorati
o Twitter
o Yahoo Answers
o Yoono
o Fotolog
o Gather
o Multiply


PPC Traffic
o Mindset
o Example
o Keywords
o Account
o Create
o Tweak


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Russell Brunson – The Underachiever Formula

Name Product: Russell Brunson – The Underachiever Formula

Sale Page:

Price: $50

The Underachiever Formula for Creating Foolproof Products
By Russell Brunson, the Overnight Success Maker
Before I jump into the “hows” of finding out what people in your market want, I want to recap the three simple steps of the Underachiever Formula. They are: first, find a hot market, second, ask them what they want, and third, give it to them.
The second step in the Underachiever Formula after you’ve found your hot market, is to find out what they want. This unfortunately is the step that almost everyone skips. For some reason, many marketers think they know what people want to buy, but rarely do I see people hit home runs when they skip this step.
This step can be broken down into two simple things: your flycatcher page and your “ASK” campaign.
Underachiever product creation
In the screenshot shown above, you’ll see an example of a simple survey page we create for every market we go into. Its goal is to ask people what their number one question is about the topic we want to create a product about.
Your “ASK” campaign is the process of sending visitors to fill out the flycatcher page to find out exactly what your target market wants. The fastest way to get people to fill out your survey is to find a forum where your target market is congregating and tell them that you are creating a new product – and if they will fill out a quick, one-question survey, then you will give them a copy of your product for free when it’s finished.
The goal is to get about 100 people to fill out the survey. You can then take the responses you receive and use them in a few ways.
Answer the Questions: When you are ready to create your product, you can take the questions you received and simply answer them. This is the easiest way to give your customers exactly what they want.Use the Questions in Your Sales Copy: When you create your sales letter, you will turn those questions into bullet points. For example, if someone asked you, “what’s the best way to train your parrot how to speak?” you will turn that into a bullet point in your sales letter that says, “Discover the best ways to teach your parrot how to speak!”Find Out What they want so you can give it to them:

The most important reason to ask your target market what they want is so you will know what they want. Let me give you an example. When we started to create our product “How To Overcome Pornography” we thought that the people we were selling to were men who had pornography addictions. What we found out after we started to run our “ASK” campaign was that the people who were looking to buy our products were not the men. It was wives and mothers of people who had pornography addictions and were looking for information on how to stop. Just think how much different our sales message and our product became after we found out who our real customers were.

I have a close friend who had a product that taught students how to get a college scholarship. He tried for months to sell the product, but couldn’t get any traction. He was about to give up when he had a thought. “I wonder if the parents of the high school kids would want to buy this product.”
So he changed the sales letter to be written to the parent instead of the students and almost overnight his product became a huge success.
One of the other benefits of running an “ASK” campaign is if no one will fill out your survey, then you will know that the market you wanted to go after isn’t looking for that information. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen people who spend months creating products and find out later that no one wants to buy them.
These are the four major questions that your “ASK” campaign will answer for you:
Who should you be selling to?What do they actually want?What are their pain points?What words do they use to describe it?
Now, after I have the questions back from my “ASK” campaign, I am going to use those questions to create my system outline or table of contents. What normally happens is from the 100 responses you get back, you are going to get eight to 10 core questions from your audience.
I then take these eight to 10 questions and turn them into chapter or module titles. After you have this outline, it becomes very easy to create your product. If you’re writing a book, just answer the questions in each chapter. If you’re making an audio or video product, each module is simply you answering the questions that your market has asked you.
Next time I’ll be discussing step three – how to give them exactly what they want!


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